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Control your BreathLife

It’s the first conscious action we take at birth and the last as we transition to our next stage of existence.

Directly connected to our central nervous system,  it influences our reaction to experiences, and our experiences influence how we breathe. 

It’s truly the Alpha and Omega of Life!

Throughout my journey of healing childhood, teenage, and young adult trauma, I have consistently found my way back to the foundation of transformation.  What I believe is at the core of any modality of therapy…

I found myself…

  • Able to express my emotions like I never could before
  • Connecting in deeper ways in my relationships
  • Willing to FEEL for the first time in my life
  • Facing things head-on, instead of avoiding
  • Speaking, Showing up, and Living AUTHENTICALLY (letting go of people pleasing)
  • Accelerating my business growth and passion for my vocation

I didn’t feel like I needed to hide anything anymore and could live my life as authentically as I wanted
Business flourished as did the joy I felt and continue to feel in my day-to-day life

Where was this new way of being I had always envisioned myself embodying all this time?

It was hiding behind my masks, stories, and programs I had built up over years of avoiding my traumas.  I wasn’t able to access these areas with my breathing because of the walls built up to protect myself from the emotions too scary to feel behind them.  Every new area within my physical and energetic body that I began to allow the breath to touch up on unearthed a whole new aspect of my being.  Another layer of my consciousness I never explored.  

Why wasn’t this common knowledge for everyone to know?

I knew I had found my calling in life…  

To raise the level of consciousness throughout the collective with Breath Therapy

I have found throughout my personal journey and serving hundreds of clients in breath therapy that there is not a one size fits all approach to breathwork.  Everyone is truly unique.

This is why I implement any and all of the methods which I have immersed myself in along the way to guide clients to their inner healer.  From conscious diaphragmatic practices to transformative ReBirthing sessions, every modality has its time, place and purpose.  Together, we can decide which methods are the right fit for you

I am excited to be your guide on your journey to unearthing the untapped superpowers you already have within you!

With Gratitude

Johnny Longinidis

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