Welcome to Pranayama Studios, where heart-led leadership meets the transformative power of Breathwork and Personal Development.

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you’re just like me—a curious seeker on a holistic wellness and expanded consciousness journey. You understand that true growth lies within life’s transitions and embrace the role of a lifelong student. You’ve always sensed a bigger mission calling you, and you’re ready to take the leap, seeking alignment with like-minded individuals who inspire you to fulfill your purpose.

I am Johnny Longinidis, a certified Breathwork Instructor (Oxygen Advantage, Somatic Release, Breath Therapy) RYT-300 yoga teacher, Spiritual Retreat curator, and the creator of the Re-Inspire Breathwork Methodology. With over 5,000 hours logged teaching, facilitating and coaching, my passion lies in guiding individuals like you to live a life of purpose, unlocking your untapped potential while embracing your full authentic expression.
Whether you’re yearning to release unprocessed emotions and traumas that have held you back, seeking guidance to awaken the dormant gifts that will propel you towards your life’s purpose, or expand your intuitive senses I am here to walk alongside you on your journey.

Breathwork lies at the very core of my work and beliefs, as I consider it the medicine of our time. Through the power of intentional breath, we can access profound healing, personal transformation, and expanded awareness. Together, we will explore the depths of your being, unveiling the wisdom that resides within you.

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Here’s What People Are Saying
About Working with Johnny

Johnny’s presence is what makes the breath work transformative. The energy he brings to the session is intuitive, non judgemental and calming. For these sessions to be effective as they are you have to be willing to trust, let go and receive. Johnny makes space for all of that to happen and meets each individual where they are

Kathleen M.

I’ve worked with breath before so I knew what I was getting into but Johnny truly impressed me with his skills as a breathworker. He listened to me and during the session was able to say just the thing I needed to hear in order to have a release. I had more physical releases this time then others, but I knew it was moving and that was the most important part. I felt safe and heard and supported by Johnny and his guidance was right on task.

Tricia R., Yoga Studio Owner

Educational, professional, fun,and life changing would be the way I would describe working with Johnny

Dylan H., IronMan Triathlete

Natural teacher. I can see the curiosity that Johnny has. He is only going to grow into a more expansive multi genre force.’

Matt D.

Johnny has clearly done a lot of work, and put forth significant effort into this passion of his, which continues to touch the lives of more and more people as the word of his talent spreads throughout the community.  It’s undeniable he’s found his gifts and has only begun to heal the masses

Clayton Y.

Johnny is one of the most professional and confident practitioners I have ever worked with. When I first started working with him ~2 years ago, I was not familiar with any  breathing techniques and/or emotional release breathwork…Each session for me seemed to take a different route, no two breathwork sessions were the same, each time I uncovered something new. Fast forward to now, I have lost count of how many breathwork  sessions I have done with Johnny but I am forever changed and forever grateful for having him in my life

Marie T.

Johnny’s presence, guidance and energy set  the tone for the experience… remarkable…Johnny and the atmosphere he created enhanced the experience!

Patti P., Meditation Teacher

I felt completely free to experience whatever came up during the session, and to share about it afterwards. Unlike other sessions I’ve done with other teachers in different techniques, I didn’t feel pressured or forced to maintain a style of breathing for a prolonged period of time that my body was experiencing as inherently wrong and dangerous. Instead, Johnny actually gave me the freedom to “let go,” which allowed me the safety to open up to the new perspectives that the breath technique was bringing me. For that reason, it was easily the best breathwork practice I’ve experienced.

Megan, Yoga Therapist, Studio Owner

John served on my UCONN Avery Point (AP) Men’s Basketball Team for 3 full seasons as a Mind and Wellness Coach. In my professional coaching career, I consider him one of the best coaches because he genuinely cares for his clients. John’s work through intense and innovative mind and breathwork practices, furthered with relevant yoga techniques, helped my highly active players stay physically and emotionally strong (and recovery times optimal) for entire seasons.

John’s sessions were so impactful, I dedicated full practice days for him so my players could benefit from his full arsenal of teaching. His consistent and positive approaches helped my AP teams earn unprecedented results in the program’s history. In the classroom, my teams achieved national rankings and recognitions for 2 consecutive years. On the court, we had the best season ever, finished 4th in New England’s, and hosted the program’s 1st ever playoff game – with a win.

I recommend John’s services to anyone who wants to take the next step in their maturation. John’s reputation precedes him (built from the ground up), and I love that he continues to seek ways to improve through worldly travels, experiences, and perspectives so he can share with others.

Sam Cheung, UCONN Avery Point Head Basketball Coach

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If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and purposeful living, I invite you to take the next step. Together, we will create a sacred space at Pranayama Studios where your growth, healing, and personal transformation can flourish.

I look forward to connecting with you and being a guide, space holder, and witness to your healing and actualization.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Johnny Longinidis

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