I began my yoga journey in 2010 when I was searching for something to compliment my martial arts discipline. Having practiced and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 6 years, my body was beginning to fall apart. Years of sports, reckless behavior and burning the candle at both ends were beginning to mount up physically and mentally. What I discovered in my yoga practice exceeded my expectations. I entered with the hopes of gaining physical openings and flexibility. Not long after beginning, I noticed major improvements not only in flexibility and strength but focus, breathing, and the ability to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I was hooked. I knew this practice had so much more to offer than just the physical benefits.

  • I received my 200 Hour RYT from the Mystic Yoga Shala in May of 2016
  • I received certification as a breathing coach in 2018 from The Oxygen Advantage and Patrick Mckeown. I specialize in utilizing conscious breath for mindfulness practices, correcting breathing pattern disorders and optimizing athletes oxygen uptake for performance and recovery
  • I received my Baptiste Level 1 certification in 2019 from Baron Baptiste. The Baptiste methodology has been my foundation since my journey began in 2010. I implement these principles not only on the mat, but in my daily life as well
  • I’ve completed courses with world renowned trainers in the fields of fitness, breath work and meditation from Steve Maxwell, George Mumford, Brian Mckenzie and Nick Curson to name a few and continue to seek out practitioners in a multitude of modalities on the cutting edge of these fields
    I’m a practitioner of Sahaj Marg Heart based meditation since 2016. I credit my daily practice with keeping a grounded mindset in the midst of whatever chaos comes my way.
  • I completed a 6 week Ayurveda teacher training course in early 2020. Implementing the principles of the sister science to yoga, like increasing like, and opposites creating balance. I use these principles to gain a deeper knowing of myself within in my daily practices as well as in implementing routines and habits for clients

I am inspired to bridge the gap and educate those who may have little knowledge or a misconception to what yoga, breath work, mindfulness, conscious movement is really about or to enhance those seeking to delve deeper into all modalities