Control your BreathLife

Control your BreathLife

Transformational Breathing, or the Connected Continuous Breath, has been used for decades for healing old traumas, overcoming fears and addictions and to tap into subconscious programs. Some liken one session to years of talk therapy. Others experience breakthroughs within multiple sessions. No matter the amount of sessions or the intensity of the experience, everyone comes out having felt the power the breath yields.

What Could Become Possible
For You If You

  • Feel stuck in old patterns of behavior
  • Seeking to make changes in your life
  • Looking to release physical or emotional traumas
  • Have tried talk therapy and other modalities with slow or little success
  • Then it may be time to let the breath guide you home!

Hi, I’m Johnny

I began my yoga journey in 2010 when I was searching for something to compliment my martial arts discipline. Having practiced and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 6 years, my body was beginning to fall apart. Years of sports, reckless behavior and burning the candle at both ends were beginning to mount up physically and mentally.

What I discovered in my yoga practice exceeded my expectations. I entered with the hopes of gaining physical openings and flexibility. Not long after beginning, I noticed major improvements not only in flexibility and strength but focus, breathing, and the ability to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I was hooked. I knew this practice had so much more to offer than just the physical benefits

At the core of all of this was the BREATH. Becoming aware of and consciously breathing in different ways began to open up a whole new world to me! It was like a rebirth! I was finally discovering who I truly was and what my purpose on this earth truly is. It’s now become my life’s mission to be the way shower for all other’s I connect with to uncover their superpowers within!

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