“I have been practicing yoga under Johnny’s supervision for a few years now and have enjoyed every minute. Johnny’s devotion to improving my practice and refining my technique has helped me ease into yoga while also pushing my practice to the next level. What I like most about Johnny’s classes is the tone, pace, and his focus on the intricacies of different yoga poses. Don’t miss out on his flow classes where he perfectly weaves in a creative song playlist that always seems to mirror my thoughts and feelings for the day. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.”

Dave L.

” I started working closely with Johnny in the beginning of quarantine when we were in lockdown mode, a difficult time for many people. I was recovering from back surgery and had been told by my doctors that if I did not strengthen my core and lose weight I would likely need back fusion surgery. Luckily Johnny lived around the corner and agreed to work with me on building a strength, mobility, meditation, and breath work routine. It was an incredible multi-month journey which culminated with me not only strengthening my core and losing 20 pounds, but starting to run again, something doctors told me was not likely. Johnny went above and beyond and I am so grateful to have such an incredible coach in my life.”

Amanda F.

“I started working with Johnny somewhere around April of 2020, I was about 6/7 weeks post op from a cervical fusion and retired from boxing after 13 years of competing on and off….. on top of being locked in the house for the shut down ….. my kind was starting to go crazy! I kept seeing Johnny post as we had met some time ago through yoga… so I decided to reach out and it’s been on since! I was able to get some exercises that worked for me and started to feel alil better , not being able to train like I used to i really needed something to help curb my anxiety and reactive ness… which for an Irish : Mexican it isn’t Easy. Johnny was able to come up with a program specific to my needs and busy schedule once I was back to work and back to the gym. I also was able to bring him on for a few sessions to work with my boxers at the gym. If there is one thing I regret about my career it would be incorporating this breath work into my other training ….. it’s an under utilized natural tool we all have and once you understand how to use your own breath you will begin to see a shift in energy and overall well being , I highly recommend to anyone who’s is looking for a change in their normal routine , or looking to elevate your sport to the next level ….. this program is amazing. Very happy to have crossed paths with this coach and this program. Life changing !! “

Marcia A.