ReBirthing Breathwork Session

Control your BreathLife

” Any person who improves his breathing and upgrades the quality of his thoughts experiences transformation”  

– Leonard Orr

You’re on the path of spiritual awakening.  Becoming the best version of yourself.  Maybe you’ve practiced yoga, meditation, and talk therapy and they’ve all worked very well for you thus far.  There’s still more to uncover…

The Rebirthing Breathwork is one of the most powerful techniques used in the healing world to fix the breathing mechanism and release the energetic blocks of birth trauma and any other traumas holding you back from living a full and expressive life.  This technique created by Leonard Orr in the early 1970s has been applied and adapted over the years to heal millions of people across the world of their birth traumas and subconscious block.

Rebirthing is for people dedicated to aliveness and who desire to live fully in mind, body, and spirit.  Maybe this is a way of living you’ve envisioned yourself embodying, but you just don’t know how to get there yet.  Rebirthing may very well be the bridge between the gap of despair and prosperity

Proven to be one of the most effective and safe practices to not only fix the breathing mechanism but to clear out energetic blocks from past traumatic experiences and ultimately the first trauma we all encountered in this lifetime: birth

The imprints that were placed on us during our birth will dictate so many of our patterns of behavior in life.  How we respond to certain stimuli.  The confidence we carry or don’t carry in life.  How we breathe.

The technique of Continuous Conscious Connected Breathing is one of the most effective techniques that create a unique experience where we can access the deepest layers of our subconscious mind.  Working with an experienced facilitator in the proper set and setting will create an environment where one can relax into the sensations, feelings, and thoughts that arise to ultimately be breathed through and let go.

Everyone’s experience is different.  Some people require a few sessions to release the birth trauma and fix the breathing mechanism, others require a multitude of sessions.  Either way, the effects of only one session will have profound long-lasting effects to one’s physical and emotional well being for certain.

If you’re ready to begin living a life of expansive potential, click the link below to begin your journey of healing and embodying your truest self-expression!